Shades Of Red

This week is all about my top favorite red lipsticks! I am obsessed with red lips, and these are my ultimate favorite red lip looks!

viva glam


MACs Viva Glam Rihanna in frost/ Lipglass

I love this color so much because it is red, but not so red. I can dress this color up, or down. This color is beautiful and not so over powering. When I add the Viva Glam lipglass, it literally glams it up! This look can go from day to night within seconds! 🙂

red lizard 2red lizaed 1

NARS Red Lizard

This is my favorite fall red, and since fall is right around the corner, it’s time to bring this baby back out! It is a semi-matte finish, so it has just a touch of sheen. The red is warm, and it works perfectly with Kiss me quick liner by MAC

ruby woo 2ruby woo1

 MAC Ruby Woo

The queen of all red lipsticks! This is no doubt my favorite lipstick ever! This retro matte is my ultimate favorite thing to wear, dressing up or down! You can spot me from a mile away wearing this lipstick! I wear it so much that I literally have 3 sticks! I always pair it with MACs cherry liner, which gives it the perfect red pop!

red velvetred velvet2

 LIMECRIME Red Velvet velvetines

Sometimes when I wear this, people mistake it for Ruby Woo. This matte lip gloss gives Ruby Woo a run for its money. It is super easy to apply, and dries to matte within seconds. I don’t need a lip liner when I wear it, but MAC cherry liner also goes perfectly with this sexy red!

Just remember, you are beautiful with, or without make up! And Jesus loves you!

Danae 🙂

1 thought on “Shades Of Red

  1. Use the only girl I know who can ROCK A red lip so well!! Get me girrrrlll!! Please do a blog of ur hair routine next! I need healthy beautiful hair tips…

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