Nude/Plummy Pout Favorites MAC

photo 3[1] photo 1[1]

photo 4[1]  photo 3[1]

photo 2[2] photo 4[1]

photo 2[1] photo 1[1]

Hello loves! This week I want to share my favorite neutral colors from MAC. Although a red lip, will always and forever be my favorite..I’ve been loving my new nude/plummy lippies from MAC! On the top, I combined Mac’s Cosmo Lipstick with Whirl lip pencil. I love this combination because it looks different depending on the lighting. It gives me a little bit of a plum undertone and I love it for this time of year! The last two pics are of my favorite nude lipstick from MAC…Velvet Teddy! I’m on my third tube now because I use it so much LOL. I sometimes use it with Stripdown lip pencil, but this time I used it with Spice. 🙂

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