Maxi Tube Skirt Love

IMG_6161FullSizeRender (7)

IMG_6177So I am like so in love with this skirt I purchased from! I have been searching for maxi pencil skirts everywhere and I finally found them on a few different sites! I purchased this “Olive It Out Skirt” for only $36.  A few of the others ranged from 100-200, but I will tell all about them on my next posts! This skirt really hugs your curves and is super comfortable! I plan to dress it up and wear it as a casual outfit alllllll summer! The color looks a bit off in my picture mainly because I took it with my iPhone and just used natural light. I will say, however, that the color of the skirt is not as bright as the picture shown on the site. Other than that, the skirt is so loveable!

A celebrity look for less coming up on my next post! Stay tuned loves!!



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