Monthly Archives: July 2015

Quick Eye Brightener Tutorial ;)

Hi loves! I really wanted to post my daily eye brightener routine. It’s super quick and easy when I don’t feel like doing the whole nine with contouring and highlighting. The trick is actually using a warmer color like salmon or orange! (Depending on your skin tone). I apply coral colored concealer before applying a highlighter and finisher! That’s pretty much it!

Happy Birthday WearSheIs!


It’s my first blogiversary! I started WearSheIs exatly one year ago and am soo looking forward to many, many more! This picture was my very first post ever! There will be a very special post next week…my first video on the blog! This year on WearSheIs, you can expect videos, tutorials and just  a whole lot more! Thank you to everyone who views my posts and leaves amazing  encouraging comments!