Teal For Real


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Ok..so this post is totally random, but I wanted to try something fun! I guess to me, fun meant dying my hair teal on a complete whim lol. But wait, do not worry because although the dye is completely permanent, It’s not my hair! That’s right, my trusty clip-ins really came in handy! So, to give you a step by step process of this crazy little idea of mine, you will be ale to understand how quick this  was!

1. Went to CVS picked up Ocean Blue, and Sea Green box hair dye from “Splat”.

2.Gathered up some old clip-in extensions of mine and bleached the hair until they turned orange.

3. Made sure they were completely dry, and applied the two colors! I let them sit for about 30 minutes, then rinsed and conditioned them!

4. Added the hair to my own and decided to werrrk.


My mother completely hated it and was relieved that I did not actually do this to my actually hair.

Also, I am wearing “bittersweet” lip liner from MAC and Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow in dark brown. 🙂

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