Monthly Archives: January 2017

OG Lashes

New favorite lashes alert!!! No more spending $25 or more on one pair. OGLashes are my new fav! I got a bundle of 3 for $25! I’m wearing ’93 and eden. And Serena is posted above! Can’t wait to try her out!



Hey there loves! This is really quick simple post.. I just wanted to share my new favorite skin care/makeup oil from MAC that I’m completely in love with! It’s brand new and I feel like I can’t go on without it it! lol..I actually am pretty upset because I accidentally spilled most of it 😦 but I still have enough Rj last me for a while! I use it underneath my foundation to keep my skin moisturized, and I also use it by itself after I wash my face! It’s $27 and it’s a new must have for me! There are different scents, but I got mine in Yuzu, which smells like fresh oranges 🙂