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Just Another Kim K Look

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I know it’s been a while. Sorry loves I’ve been a little busy with school and work. But I’m back with just another Kim K look. To achieve this look,  I used my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, and on the lips Viva Glam I  Rihanna and Cherry lip liner by MAC on the lips. I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit in “medium”, Becca highlighter in “moonstone” and mink lashes from Sephora. Oh! and my faux ponytail is from Bellamihair! and yas I love it. 🙂

Teal For Real


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FullSizeRender (34) this post is totally random, but I wanted to try something fun! I guess to me, fun meant dying my hair teal on a complete whim lol. But wait, do not worry because although the dye is completely permanent, It’s not my hair! That’s right, my trusty clip-ins really came in handy! So, to give you a step by step process of this crazy little idea of mine, you will be ale to understand how quick this  was!

1. Went to CVS picked up Ocean Blue, and Sea Green box hair dye from “Splat”.

2.Gathered up some old clip-in extensions of mine and bleached the hair until they turned orange.

3. Made sure they were completely dry, and applied the two colors! I let them sit for about 30 minutes, then rinsed and conditioned them!

4. Added the hair to my own and decided to werrrk.


My mother completely hated it and was relieved that I did not actually do this to my actually hair.

Also, I am wearing “bittersweet” lip liner from MAC and Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow in dark brown. 🙂



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There will be a brow tutorial posted soon but I just wanted to share my favorite brow products, which just so happen to be all by Anastasia Beverly Hills! These are the only products that I will use for my brows……ever. Most of the time I use the brow pomade in dark brown with the brow brush. I  finish off with the clear brow gel to make sure they stay in place…and they do! On a day that I am completely rushing and just have 10 minutes to do my brows, I use her brow wiz in chocolate! Sometimes if I want to go for a bold look I use them both!

Chic X Street Part 1

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Hi loves! This post is a little different from my usual outfit posts. We’re going sporty chic with outfits styled by me 🙂 This week  is not about a crop top, a skirt and heels lol…Fall is around the corner and leather jackets are my fav!

Outfit Details on Taylor:  Vegan leather jacket fro Urban Outfitters,  Abercrombie ripped jeans, Crossover crop top from American Apparel; accessorized with a Michael Kors watch and Nike Roshe Runs on her feet.

My Outfit Details: Basic white top from H&M, Leather Jscket from BooHoo, destroyed ripped  boyfriend jeans from ZooShoo ; and gray Nike Roshe Runs.

Quick Eye Brightener Tutorial ;)

Hi loves! I really wanted to post my daily eye brightener routine. It’s super quick and easy when I don’t feel like doing the whole nine with contouring and highlighting. The trick is actually using a warmer color like salmon or orange! (Depending on your skin tone). I apply coral colored concealer before applying a highlighter and finisher! That’s pretty much it!

Happy Birthday WearSheIs!


It’s my first blogiversary! I started WearSheIs exatly one year ago and am soo looking forward to many, many more! This picture was my very first post ever! There will be a very special post next week…my first video on the blog! This year on WearSheIs, you can expect videos, tutorials and just  a whole lot more! Thank you to everyone who views my posts and leaves amazing  encouraging comments!



How Much Are You Worth?


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Valuable – A thing that is of great worth. This week’s post is on our worth to God. Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” I once read that if everyone viewed themselves the way God does, then no one would ever have an insecure or doubtful thought. I believe that our self-worth is based upon what other people (who have very little significance in our lives) think. However, there is only one true authority on our self-worth and that is Christ Jesus Himself. Him dying on the cross to save us from eternal damnation shows us how much we truly mean to Him. We should never feel worthless because we are so valuable to Him. We need to value ourselves. I am a princess, because I am the daughter of the most high King Jesus.

Kim K Look For Less

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Today is a 2 for 1 post! I was going to post this next week but I jut couldn’t wait to share this! I have been wanting to do this look for such a long time but could not find the perfect outfit. But I found it! Top and skirt are from, and shoes are from one of my favorite websites,  The shoes were $35, and the top and skirt were together $24!!! By the way, the shoes are pretty comfortable…I can literally walk around all day in them……well, sort of LOL

Tea-You, I See You

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Good day loves!! Omg I told you ankle length skirts were my new obsession! These beauties are from, and were $90 each. In the last picture, the skirt on the left is the “ankle length lined bamboo skirt” in olive, and the skirt on the right is the “anna-belle ankle length lined skirt” in camel.  They come in more colors but the black is sold out in my size :((((. As soon as I see it restocked you better believe I’m getting it! The material is completely amazing and the skirts are so comfortable! They fit true to size and were worth every penny!