My full name is Danae Chandani Wise, however I changed the pronunciation of my middle name, because I did not like the way my mother pronounced it. I have seven favorite colors. I could stare at the stars in the night sky for hours. I am in love with everything MAC. I love anything leopard print. I wear 3 to 4 perfumes a day. Strawberries are my favorite fruit. If I had no self control, I would spend my entire life savings on shoes. I love to drink cranberry juice. I can eat a whole pack of double chocolate Milano cookies in a day. I was attacked by a raccoon once. I love to paint beautiful women. Pizza is the best invention known to man. I love Jesus so very much. I like to drink coffee at night. Doughnuts make me happy.  I love beards. I mostly go broke because of Starbucks. I like to wear my hair straight most of the time. Romance novels are my weakness. I really love my family. Ice cream! I love sleep. I like to sing. My ultimate favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. My favorite name in the bible is Joseph, and I’m pretty sure that will be my future husband’s first name…. Joseph Solomon Dallas to be exact.



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