Newbies And More Newbies :)

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Left To Right: Bobbi Brown Concealer Stick, Black Velvet (Limecrime), MAC CC Loose Powder

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The cool points are out the window and you’ve got me all twisted up in the game….

Sorry guys this has nothing to do with my post…but don’t you love the movie “Bringing down the house?” Omg I love that movie!!! Now back to business…

Hello lovies! Okay, so I want to share some new products with you! From MAC and Sephora of course lol. This time I tried new brands though! I’ve always been a fan of NARS lipsticks, but I’ve never used any of their other products. I completely fell in love when I the nicest lady from Sephora introduced me to their foundation. Soooo in love. But I wanted to try something a little lighter for the days when I don’t need anything heavy. NARS tinted moisturizer is like the best! I wasn’t sure what color to get so I winged it and bought it in Cuba, which is medium 3 with peachy undertones. It’s a bit dark when I use too much, so I literally but a dab on my beauty blender and it matches perfectly!!

Now of course I have to talk about this CC loose powder from MAC. Like it’s the best thing I have ever purchased from MAC. It comes in a couple of different colors. Illuminate (lavender), Neutralize(yellow), Adjust(light salmon) and Recharge(orange). Since I have a medium complexion, I went with neutralize which is perfect for me! I use my MAC116 brush to apply it under my eyes, and dab a little on my nose and my chin. The loose powder is translucent so it looks natural, and gives me an awesome glow.

Lips: It’s very hard to find a beautiful black matte lipstick. But I found it! I’m like obsessed with Limecrime’s Velevetines. I’m wearing black velvet. It goes on like a liquid, but dries completely matte! No need for a lip liner either! J

Rest of the face I used Bobbi Brown foundation stick and Naked 2 Basics J

Last but not least, I took a break from Miss Jessie’s, pillow soft curls, and triple teamed my curls with Shea’s Moisture: retention shampoo, restorative conditioner, and raked through my hair with the smoothie! Curls loved it!