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Hey there loves! This is really quick simple post.. I just wanted to share my new favorite skin care/makeup oil from MAC that I’m completely in love with! It’s brand new and I feel like I can’t go on without it it! lol..I actually am pretty upset because I accidentally spilled most of it 😦 but I still have enough Rj last me for a while! I use it underneath my foundation to keep my skin moisturized, and I also use it by itself after I wash my face! It’s $27 and it’s a new must have for me! There are different scents, but I got mine in Yuzu, which smells like fresh oranges 🙂

MAC Magic Of The Night

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Okay loves, so this post is to basically show off my new lip bag from the Magic Of The Night collection by MAC. I really wanted to buy every single item from this amazing collection, but I thought I’d be wise and save about $300. Everyone knows how much I adore red lips, so I decided to go with the red lip bag. When I first saw the red lipstick I thought it was Ruby Woo until I actually swatched it. It has blue undertones, but is just a little warmer than Ruby Woo. It’s beautiful! This cute little ensemble comes with a lipstick (pretty irresistible in matte), lip glass (a favourite flame), lip pencil (beet) along with the beautiful bag. The swatches in the picture above are without flash, and with flash.

Total Scents!


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Hi lovies! So this week’s post is a list of just a few of my favorite scents! I actually mix at least 3 to 4 of them a day.

I have been using Versace Yellow Diamond for about a year now. I received it as a sample from Sephora, and went back to purchase it the next day. It is just that good! It has a citrusy, pear scent that is strong but not overbearing. I never thought I could find something I liked as much, until I started using Versace Bright Crystal Absolu. To me, it’s a bit lighter than yellow diamond. It has a fruitier smell that is amazing! I literally put it on every single day. If I mix the two, I never mix them together.

My next two fav’s are Sexy Little Thing’s by Victoria’s Secret, Noir and Ooh La La. I only bought them because I thought the bottles were just that cute. But like omg they smell so good. They both are very light but last all day, and I always receive compliments when I wear them. I almost always mix these two together.

Not only is MAC like the best thing ever, but they have created my favorite every day fragrance. I am so in love with their Turquatic fragrance. I wear it alone or I mix it with one of my versace’s! Like I will buy this perfume for the rest of my life!!